Tuesday, 12 April 2011

So it's been nearly a month...

And once again I find myself in the grips of Videocardshop and their useless cards. I got an engineeris report from a seperate company corroborating the idea that the card is faulty and they now have it back on their workbench being tested. huzzah.

This month I decided to take my backup seriously. Now in my machine I have a 60GB SSD for my OS and boot programs, a 1TB F3 for Apps, Games and Steam, and a 1TB F1 for media and downloads. I decided to buy a 1.5TB Samsung F2 HDD and an ICY BOX E-Sata enclosure so i would have a nice fast, external backup drive. I have also configured a nice piece of software called fbackup Link :) it's simple, without an oversimplified interface (ie. There's lots of options) and gives you slot of control over backups.
This being me though things were never going to end smoothly. The esata didn't work. more descriptively, it would start and send a small chunk of data and then just stop. It would sometimes take out explorer just to add insult to injury. In the end I just switched to USB 2.0 and thought screw this for a game of soldiers. I didn't want a USB 3.0 one, I wanted ESata and it didn't work

Sad Face

In other news my LOVELY Razer Carcharias headphones have gone a bit faulty. The Mic has broken entirely, so their on their way back to razer to be replaced. Bad times.

I've recently also wiped my phone, updated to 4.3.1 and rejailbroken. It needed to be done because I'd stuffed so many cydia installed apps on there that the OS was grinding to a halt. I've started again with my cydia apps. Just the essentials like SBSettings, Browser Changer, Infinifolders, Lockinfo, Quickreply and Winterboard. Plus all of the corresponding required packages of course. Love having freedom over my phone. Also trying to get into On-The-Go Playlists as a way to motivate myself to listen to music more. Also ordered another pair of Sennheiser MM50 iP Headphones. Good Times.

On the gaming side, I've started (gingerly) playing Mafia 2, and bought about £3.50 worth of DLC yesterday when it was cheap. Not madly into it but it does me as a bit of gaming on the side. Still playing BFBC2 with the guys and it's still awesome :D Level 30 now, w00p. Looking forward to a summer packed with games which will make my graphics card decision all the more important.

BTW did I ever mention I love Windows 7?
I <3 Windows 7 (Even though it wasn't my idea :P )

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