Saturday, 4 June 2011


Decided to update my Spreadsheet of things I've bought for my Desktop PC and here are some interesting facts.

-My Average spend in the last 3 years was £684.84
-Since first building it ~7years ago I've spend £3,799.81
-Of that the parts I still use cost £1,448.75
-So I've discarded (or sold) £2,351.06
-Of everything in my PC the only things not in warranty are my Blu-Ray Drive and my Mouse
-Longest warranty Period is 84 Months (Corsair HX850w Modular Power Supply)
-Most Expensive single thing I've ever bought is my Screen, £315.90

Since I built it I've had the following Graphics setups
Geforce 2 GTS AGP
5200 AGP
7800GS AGP
8800GTS 320MB
GTX 260 896MB
GTX 260 896MB SLI
GTX 280 1GB Single

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