Wednesday, 20 October 2010

On the Go

So I'm writing another blog post from the "comfort" of my iPhone. I'm in the car on my way to see the results show of Xfactor. I'm personally not mad about the show but Diana Vickers and Katy Perry will be there. So why not :)

But yeah my lovely Sony earphones are currently MIA. I haven't really had a good look for them yet so they'll probably show up but as a result I'm heading out with my Big Razer Carcharias headphones. Why not :-P. This week I also recieved my Corsair 60GB SSD and it is AMAZING!!! everything happens SO FAST! the difference is phenomenal, especially if you like to have lots of startup programs (which as a matter of fact i do :-) but yeah it's awesome. Got my OS + Documents + Game Saves + iTunes library file on there. Really makes for a nippy machine :D

In other news my brothers graphics card upgrade didn't really happen to plan :-S we fitted the monstrous graphics card in there and the board just couldn't see it. It just beeped no graphics card at me :-( I wondered if the card had gone kaput but it worked when I subsequently tried it in my machine. So after every conceivable test I had to conclude that the motherboard just wasn't going to play ball :-( in the end we replaced it with a GA-790X-UD3P (rev1.1) which my brother is half way through fitting now. He also received a Portal Mousemat and Aperture Science Mug that he ordered from Valve store in the US. Cost an Arm and a Leg to ship, but it made him happy so what are you going to do :-P

I meanwhile have been struggling to make time for anything that involves games or even re-setting up my OS. I still haven't got stuff like winrar installed yet. But I'm getting there slowly.

It's my birthday coming up soon and I've been trying to think of something awesome that my parents can get me (it is my 18th) they don't have the budget for a car or anything like that and really I don't need one. Living in London having a car would just be a hole I would pour money into rather than anything really useful. It would speed up a few things like getting to my GF's house or going out but all in all I don't really need one.

Just driving past D-Link's headquarters. Probably could of sapped some wifi for a few seconds but It probably would have broken in that time... D-Link :-/

Anyway I've been looking at Tablets and there's not the budget for an iPad or a Galaxy Tab. Which sort of leaves me in the realm of cheap Chinese tablets. But of course you ask "but why oh why would you want a tablet? You have an iPhone and a Netbook! What use could it be?" and id say, correct Matt ;-) however when it comes to watching a but of video on the go I do sometimes find the iPhone's screen a little small , which Is a subjective view yes but in some cases for me it just is. My netbook on the other hand is blessed with a beautiful 11.6" 1366*768 Display and also has a 320GB HDD. So you would think that would be perfect. But alas, my netbook has a keyboard and being essentially a small laptop. You sorta have to rest it on your lap. Which is fine, except in situations like when you are on the Bus, or in Public, or standing up, or having se... Anyway yeah there are times it is awkward so I though let's go for a 7" Android 2.1 / 2.2 tablet with a nice SD Card slot. That way I can buy a couple of cards and bung stuff on there. Watching video would be ideal! But as with all things Chinese there is one thing that let's them down. Battery Life. With the iPad apple has the entire SOC completely under their control and also have access to the most expensive battery tech out there. Combine those and in a 10" iPad you can get a good 10Hrs of battery life while browsing the net. Unfortunately Chinese tablets are cheap. And the two areas in which they suffer are battery life and stability. Whereas the iPad has it's 10hour battery life the Chinese's are lucky to get 5. Worse if you max out brightness and switch on Wifi you can cut it down to 2 1/2 hours. Bad times. So I'm questioning the wisdom of dropping £140 of birthday money on one which tbh. I couldn't really do much with away from a socket. They don't even charge off USB so It's not even like I could charge them from my U2O battery. The "best" on the Market is either the Wistech A81-E or the X5A. Neither of them are great. On the other hand Archos are coming out with their new 7o Internet tablet soon. With either 8gb of flash or a 250gb hdd. And it also has a 7hr video playback time (10hours browsing) so I'm waiting for that I guess :-/

All in all I'm pretty down. I've sent off the UCAS but I'm not optimistic about my chances of getting in some places. I'm hoping I can go to somewhere good. I just feel so crap lately. Ah well

Need to catch up on work anyway.

Video Of the Day has to be thisssss...

So that's that from me. Need to do this more often. This is Me, Saying it a it is in IT (and me) and the Weather is COLD!!!


  1. And now it feels like im lying down in a prison (lots of horizontal bars burnt into my retina) xD
    I'm trying to think of the best thing for uni in terms of laptops. I have my laptop, but is that too cumbersome? maybe a netbook would be better. would a tablet be awkward? conundrums...
    hmm advertision an 'Apad' there ==>
    £183.45 for 10.2 inches...