Saturday, 9 October 2010


Well it's been a while since I published a piece to my blog and there are various reasons why. I sort of got frustrated that it gets no comments. It's just me talking to myself. It's kinda sad really. Also I am carrying my laptop to school less regularly, and until right now i did all my "blogging" on there. There's also the fact that my google adverts are broken :-( its not going up in pay even though it is going up in count. It's just that no one wants to read about my thoughts really. They're boring computer things that are only interesting to me. But oh well.

Alas my IT world moves on. My Main folding machine has been down for a week (cries) and I honestly thought the motherboard has finally bitten the dust. As I may have said before the P5N32E-SLI Doesn't support the E1400 so occasionally goes spastic. Anyway even after changing the CPU, fiddling with ram and graphics cards, I still couldn't get any display from any cards :'-( So I built the second folding machine, with the £20 Asus A8N SLI 939 board that I have running an 8800GS with a very custom cooler and the 8800GTS 512 from my folding machine. I also over-clocked the Athlon X2 3800+ 2.0Ghz to 2.4Ghz and am running a little SMP Client on it for around 650ppd. In total it's kicking out about 9.5k - 10.5k which is very nice. I've overclocked both gpu's by little bit and chucked some extra fans in with them. Its installed on a broken 80gb 2.5". I say broken because I believe it was stopped being used because It had bad sectors, but it's doing fine for now.
Anyway only last night I managed to get my main machine going. Didn't do anything different, it just decided to come back to life. I've left the 8800GTS 320 In there with the 9800GX2 and they're both doing fine. I decided to leave the 88 at it's factory oc'd clocks rather than the huge over-clock i've been running it at for months. It's getting old and the gain probably isn't worth the reduction in it's life. On the other hand I have found a nice OC for the E1400 :) I've got the chip running at 300*9 = 2700Mhz and because of the way the bonuses are awarded, the ppd has jumped from 680ppd to 1150ppd :-D a nice jump and the temps are still manageable. I tried for 3.0 but I got a lock in windows under load so I left it at the happy 2.7. It's now doing about 15k ppd which is not bad at all :) a combined 25k is a nice amount.
I am planning, however, to add either a GTS 450 or a GTS 460 768mb to the main machine (hence the empty slot) I'm hoping (with -advmethods) this will pull an extra 10k-14k ppd. If I can get up to 35k/40k ppd that would be really awesome.

In other pc news I'm thinking of getting an An android tablet. Specifically the Herotab X5A or the wistech A81-E I wanted something running android OS so I could learn the OS and have something to write apps on. I'd also like something with a bigger screen (than my 3.5" iPhone) to watch videos on while I'm on the go (or at home). Its an idea, but I'm looking at £120 -£180 which unfortunately money I just don't have :-( I also found a Point of View 7" Android 2.1 tablet with a decent battery. At £175 its not bad, but still my penniless state makes it look unlikely i'll get one.
On the positive side I managed to nab myself a 1 month old Corsair 60GB F60 Sandforce SSD for £70. Not bad at all. Should be coming soon and I'll have a nice super fast OS drive. :)
My brother has also (slightly unbelievably) bought himself a Sapphire 5870 Vapor-X 2GB Graphics Card O_O It's A beast of a card and will set you back ~£380 new. And I got it for him, 5 months old, for £240! He's a happy bunny. He also wants to buy the new NZXT Phantom Case (in White) and He's paying me back for a £100 BeQuiet 650w Dark Power Pro PSU. He got it brnad new (as an RMA replacement) but he's giving me £60 which I reckon is fair... He is my brother :-P

My gaming fortunes haven't changed alot :-( I bought F1 2010 which I loved for a while. But then the bugs set in. I was getting far too regular punctures as well as the fact that the pit crew would break and the pit lane would get blocked. Also the AI don't change their lap rate correctly all the time. This ultimately ended up with on my 4th race, my save file corrupted and i lost all my progress. I put it down but am now "trying" to get into it. I've finally managed to get it going with SLI (By using the same driver profile as Grid) and now it REALLY raggs my system! Both GPU's are running seriously warm and the CPU utilisation is massive, on a 4Ghz Quad! It's a seriously heavy game (I guess its lots of Physx Calculations) but at least now I am getting Silky-Smooth Frame-rates :) I'm still looking forward to TDU 2 and SW:TOR but there aren't many games other than that which interest me... Kinda Sucks.

Been Watching Lost on my Phone and Been listening to the Bit-Tech Podcast (Catching up should I say) Working at Work and falling behind on School Work. I'm coming to one of those Crux Points. UCAS App has to be in next week (If I want to apply to Oxford/Cambridge) and I've got tests and Homeworks I'm behind on (11 pieces), Bad Times.

Instead of Doing this Blog every day now I'm going to try and write about 2 entries a week. Maybe more maybe less. No one reads it anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter :)

Video of the Day has to be this one, Johnny Depp Showing the World what it means to be a good person. And how to make other people Happy. He got nothing out of this, and I'm sure made that little girl very happy.

So that's me, Telling it like it is in IT. No one's reading this anyway but who cares//.... Weather's Not bad.

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  1. The amount of times you referred to me as No-one is heartbreaking, Andrew TT^TT
    I finally got my overdue notifications of Classes down to TWO!! hell yeah ;3
    but I still haven't written my personal statement...