Tuesday, 17 August 2010

So I was at work today :-)

Unexpectedly last night I got a call asking me to come in to work today. Which To be honest I wasn't expecting because I was told explicitly that I wouldn't be needed until Friday. When two of the main members of staff are off and they need a hand. It is however my girlfriends birthday. Doh!

Anyways so I spent the day typing invoices out from Amazon orders into our system at work. It took all day but you could make it fun by making fun of the names of the people why were getting things delivered, or their addresses. Hehe. I had a nice time though, It makes a difference from builds work. We were so busy with the internet orders the systems got put on the backburner anyay.

I noticed this today whilst perusing though a system sellers website and I noticed this website. And looking at Asetek's Water-cooler it is IDENTICAL to the Corsair Hydro H50. I was thinking, Blatant Plagiarism! But after a quick google I realised that Asetek and Corsair are partners, and Asetek sell the same products to the OEM Customers and Corsair to the Enthusiast market. So all is well in the world.

In good news for gamers (everywhere "apparently") Crysis 2 the Multiplatform Sibling/Traitor of one of the most advanced PC titles ever made. Will be released on March 25th next year. SEE WHAT I MEANT YESTERDAY!!! They're all too far away. And it's not even like Crysis 2 is going to push that much further Hardware wise anyway. All they've indicated they're doing is "Optimising" the engine (ie cutting off features to get it to run at any more than 5fps on the Archaic hardware in modern gaming consoles. It's a wonder they still cost ~£200. the Core hardware in the 360 is coming up to 6 years old. (I add one year for development time) By any standard that is ancient" Would you browse the web on a phone from 6 years ago? No. Would you try to decode HD video on an Ultraportable from 6 years ago? No. Would You attempt to play "HD" games on Hardware that is 6 Years old? No. It's absolutely ridiculous. It would be trivial to fit a better graphics chip in the new 360 and just make it so that games have to be written to use it (like the retina display on the iPhone 4) In fact, If Apple made a games console, At least it would be updated every now again (even if it used old tech like the "new" mac mini)

Soo I've gone off on another rant. Back to folding, I'm trialling the new 6.30 SMP Client for Folding on a CPU. I really didn't think the e1200 in my folding machine (which is already helping along 4 gpu clients) would be able to get an SMP unit in before the required deadline. But alas, FAHMON predicts that it will complete not just within the required deadline, but within the preferred deadline! and you can't sniff at 921 points :-) Also had to reduce my overlclock to get 24/7 stability with the temps i'm getting on this 965. Hoping that if i get the temps down a bit I can leave it folding with the SMP client 24/7 to boost the Main Folding machine while i undertake planning and construction of the second folding machine.

The First folding machine actually grew out of a very lucky purchase of mine, the Asus P5N32E-SLI motherboard second hand for £30 inc Shipping. It evolved and thanks to components like the Coolermaster Stacker and is now quite a high end folding machine. My second folding machine is going to be based around an old Asus A8N-SLI 939 board. I'm going to pair it with my old Athlon X2 3800+ 2.0Ghz Dual Core CPU. I'm also going to buy a new 8800GTS 512MB and fit it in the main folding machine. That way all the GPU's in that machine will have 128 SP's. The new folding machine will have the 8800GTS 320Mb that's currently in my folding machine. And my 8800GS 384Mb that's currently in my friends machine (but it's coming home now that he's bought a GTX 460) so that way, both machines will have matched SP cards. I'm hoping for combined ppd of above 30k. ~22 for the main rig and ~9k for the secondary rig. The new rig will be running off the old 425w Hiper PSU that was in the rig before I bought the XFX Black Edition 750W psu. It's going to be like a sibling. I'm really looking forward getting it going. temporarily its also going to run on the old 4.3GB Seagate drive from my very first desktop machine!

So that's the motion for me in technology. video of the day for me has to be this clip of Spore jar Jar. I've been watching back the good old episode one and Jar Jar is so mad! he just doesn't fit into star wars at all but he's just funny so this is him, reborn XD

So that's me, telling it like it in in IT. And Although probably next to no one will ever read this, I've just gotta say. The weather for the big pod race tommorow on tatooine looks HOT HOT HOT :)

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