Friday, 13 August 2010

I Hate Cities

In a Sideline Piece I just want to say how much I hate cities. Having spent a few days out in the countryside I returned to London via train as I mentioned earlier. There was a disturbance on the train, someone called out over the intercom that they needed police assistance to sort out two guys walking down the train. God knows.

Anyway so I wanted to use the toilet after my two hour train ride but I overheard a lady saying that the toilets were out of use. "Fine" I thought, "I'll go in the station." so I go through the barrier and spy a burger king. I was hungry, so I went to see if they had a toilet aswell. Nope. So I went to find somewhere that did. The station toilets were 30p to use, and all I had on me was a £20 note. So after a few minutes of worrying what to do I decided to go to Boots, and find something where they'd have to give me change that includes a 20p and a 10p. A bottle of coke at a ridiculous £1.18 did the job. So I went to the toilets (they stank) and then went to get my lunch. I bought a meal after some considerable wait and then went to find somewhere to sit. I settled on a set of 8 chairs where two were free. Result, or so I thought.

I sat down to eat my burger and it literally burnt my hands! As did the Chips! So I settled on sipping some coke and waiting for it all to cool down. Now at this point I should stress I was inside, completely covered over in London Victoria rail station. And then It started to rain... On my head... Inside. Marvellous.

There were a set op pipes above my head that I decided must be to blame, but I could not be asked to move, the only other option I had was stand, even in the burger king there were no seats, just benches to lean against. So i sat there, water trickling down on my head. Eventually a man i na blue uniform turned up on one of those little electric vehicles, he took out a clipboard and started ticking a few things.

A beggar came past asking for money, I didn't actually realise that's what he was until he'd passed me, I had my headphones on, Ironically listening to "Under the waves" by Pendulum. the Blue man told the beggar "not in here" and the poor guy limped off. I felt a bit bad but what can you do. It was at this moment I realised I hated cities. The number of people and the cramped atmosphere everywhere you go, the no phone reception on the underground, the way that everyone needs to make their cut. even if it means charging 30p to go to the bloomin toilet.

In the countryside there's open spaces and calm. There's no hustle and bustle. And the more I think about it, the more I'd like to live outside a city... As long as the internet connections alright though cos dude, I'm not going down to like less than 2mb

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