Monday, 16 August 2010

Woops, I missed Monday's :-)

I find these days that, as sad as it is, I'm simply not enjoying gaming the same way I used to. The more I think about it, the more I wonder quite why it is. I have no patience anymore for playing new games and learning new interfaces, control setups and intricate details. It's like my Brain has said enough is enough. You have learnt all about this set of stories, stick with them. I Loved and always will love Kotor, and much in the same way I found the Witcher a very enjoyable experience. I played it all the way through and when I got to the end all I wanted to do was sit down and play it again! I enjoyed Crysis because it was the first FPS I really got into. but If you set the bar at crysis where do you go from there! Graphically very few other games can hold a candle to Crysis. And if the graphics look dated, to me, it can make the gameplay feel dated too.
But it's like I want more of the games and characters I love. I want the Witcher 2, I want Star Wars: The Old Republic, I want Crysis 2 (But why in a city?), And most of all I want TDU2. My Love for Test Drive Unlimited started Along time ago back when my rig had an Athlon 3200+ and a 7800GS. I could play the game at 1024 x 768 with no Antialiasing. but straight away I loved it. the freedom to drive. No agenda of the game, just freedom. No storyline, no pressure, just pure unbridled Driving. It's a formula that other games have and will continue to fail to copy. It's Real, Licensed Supercars. On an Island. With Traffic, A racetrack, tight corners, long straights, Everything you could want from A driving game. As I upgraded my machine and it became more powerful i began to ramp up the settings. I have now reached the point where I run the game maxxed out at 1680*1050 with 16xSLIAA. yes, SLI AA. It's awesome. And I cannot wait for the second. I have honestly sank more hours into that game than any other game I have ever played, even pokemon, And I still love it. I've also bought a Logitech Driving Force Pro which really adds to the enjoyment. I know the best ribbons of twisty roads through the mountains and Nothing is more fun than firing up a red Ferrari and disappearing into the Sunset.

So to say that I don't enjoy gaming anymore is a lie. It's simply that I have all the franchises I want to enjoy. I don't like Mass Effect 1 or 2 because they feel like a bad copy of Kotor. I preffer Kotor. I dont enjoy Dragon Age all that much because It feels a bit like a copy of the Witcher. I would rather play the Witcher. And Every other FPS doesn't give me the same enjoyment as firing up a match in Steel Mill, or Excavation. I also find myself being lazy and only playing games if I can use my Xbox 360 controller. I would never play a game on a 360 though because I couldn't cope with the lack of anti-aliasing. It's annoying because the main game I have at the moment that I play with the Xbox controller is Just Cause 2. And I don't have to patience to 100% every settlement. So I find myself just messing around. All my driving games need the wheel and I have to be bothered to set up the wheel and tidy my desk ¬.¬

So anyway, I'm too lazy and now I'm just waiting for the Witcher 2, TDU 2, The Old Republic, And Formula 1 2010. Being a Big F1 Fan I'm obviously really looking forward to this aswell. :-) I'd love to have the money for a new HP IPS 24" Monitor, A 128GB Crucial Real SSD + PCI-E Controller, And a Logitech G27 Steering Wheel. All Of Which have a combined Price Tag of about £1000... But oh well.

Anyway I realise this is now Tuesday (night) and the reason I didn't get round to posting anything yesterday is I spent the day with my girlfriend, who's lovely! I'm really lucky to have her and she makes me really happy (Even if she's so clumsy AND put chocolate in my Coke Cola, take it from me, it doesn't work :-) In other news my cousins got their Mini 311's today. They said that its taking them a bit of time to get used to typing on them, not because of hte keyboard but the mouse. Like with lots of laptops with trackpads, sometimes your finger brushes against them and moves the mouse. Because of the Mini 311's diminutive size, this is a little bit more difficult to adjust to. However I've found that once you do, the keyboard is a pleasure to type on. overall the only changes I would make to the 311 is the use of a CULV processor with the ION chip and I would magically have super low SSD prices so I could chuck in a nice 256Gb Drive. Even if there's a bottleneck to the HDD controller of 100M/s (kinda annoying) but you still get the instantaneous access times which would make the OS feel a chunk snappier. That again is the reason I would have an M11x. the added weight would annoy me because to be honest at 1.4kg the 311 is already at the upper weight of what I want to carry about (charger adds ~0.3kG) So realistically I don't think an M11X would quite work for me (even if they're awesome)

Anyway this is Monday's Post and Monday's post needs a video of the day! but today its a sad one :-( There aren't many cars out there that are Iconic. There are a few for sure, but to me, the Ferrari 458 Italia is the perfect amalgamation of Design and Technology. Which makes seeing one wrapped around a lamp post all the more sad. Stupid Hoomans. It's like they say in computers " Ah yes sir we've diagnosed the problem. There seems to be a T, W, A, T in the interface between the Chair and Keyboard and Mouse" :-D

Sad times, Anyway this Is Me, Saying it like it is in IT. And the weather is DARK!

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