Wednesday, 11 August 2010


It's been ages since I created this blog but now I’m really going to go with it. Just hit it. I'm going to create a YouTube account for this and maybe even a new Facebook page and a twitter. Why not, bombard the world with the thoughts of Andrew Girdler, or at least, the bits of the world who care!
At the moment my thoughts are that for £229 the HP Mini 311 is an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!!!
Seriously guys, ION netbook that has a custom overclockable BIOS so you can OC the 1.6 GHz Atom to 2.2 Ghz+ its great and with Adobe Flash 10.1 it can cope with HD video as well! Really awesome and I'd advise it to anyone. Buy it from Amazon Guys, Best prices around (as normal)
Also OMG the GTX 460 is a steal at the moment. A friend of mine just went for the EVGA SC model from Scan. Slight price premium but you can't argue with a 10 year warranty :-) Anyone looking to upgrade from a single old 8800, this is the card for you, serious performance bump + DX11 feature set all at a price that can be swallowed. Aim for the 1GB version, Budget permitting
And People out there,
What do you guys think if schools replaced IT with a lesson which taught practical skills for computers? Like getting rid of viruses, speeding up a computer, sorting out when the internet breaks, knowing what makes a good pc and a bad one. Wouldn't that be better than "using excel, word and PowerPoint" In 1 generation we'd make the whole world a more computer literate place. You heard it here first folks :-)
Fun vid of the day Apple gets Attacked... Always fun. Is it Animatronics or CG. I know the answer but do you? ;-)
Currently working on my Folding@Home machine (folding for CPC/Bittech) just added a smoking 9800GX2 into the mix and hoping to get some LGA775 Quad core goodness in there soon. Hoping to get a good 22K ppd out of my main machine and then build a second rig starting at about 5k PPD and working that one up. Built the 22K PPD machine for ~ £180 and the secret is... second hand forums :-)
I've got the new iPhone 4 and some days I love it some days I regret it. Today was a decidedly regret it day. Wished I had of gone android but its fun watching the Smartphone market starting to reflect the PC market. Android is Windows and iOS is OSX. Makes for interesting viewing.
I was just wishing I had a good way of transferring files off my cousins PC. I'm sure "there’s an App for that" but its usability I'd rather have built into the OS. The only ways there are messy :-(
In other news vista is terrible
Sorry that’s not news its fact...
Anyway yeah PC Sales are falling according to the Inq today. Reflected in the face that although I hoped to be working a large chunk of the summer holidays I’m now not. Kind of sucks but oh well :-(
Anyways, this is me, Saying it like it is in IT, and the weather is nice

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