Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Mini 311 Takes Off!

Well today I'm visiting family and they've all been taken aback by my Mini 311 today. Google + iPlayer are now working together really well! Playing back HD content in Chrome CPU usage (on a single core atom) is now only 10% - 15%! GPU usage sits around 10% jumps to ~50% when theres lots of action but it makes for a great very viewable experience. Much better than it was 8 months ago.

Anyway four of my family have decided to BUY a Compaq Mini 311! Like i said at only £229 from Amazon, two of my cousins, my brother and my grandma decided to buy one! One cousin for full blown laptop use, the other for music and portable stuff (in parallel with another laptop). My brother wants one for some classic gaming and my grandma just wants a cheap little laptop! I'm really happy that it's gone down so well with everyone (even if the touchpad isn't the best in the world)

Been really impressed with My Mifi. It has its ups and downs. On the beach it had no reception at all while my Vodafone iPhone held onto a GPRS signal. But today I've found that while I was upstairs in the house i'm staying in, My laptop connected to My Mifi (while I thought it was on the wireless) and was really fast. I was getting d/l speeds of 2.5 Mb/s and u/l speeds of 1.6Mb/s
Pretty Impressive for mobile internet. Really shows you how the mobile internet networks of Britain have changed.

Looking forward to getting home and getting my folding machine running "to the max" hope to get that 22K ppd sorted :-) today had to Teamviewer my home machine and set it up again folding ) as microsoft decided to restart it for updates ¬.¬

Found some remenants of a nasty trojan I removed last week. Had a BHO built into it that was still somewhat active in IE in my Windows 7 install. Seemed only to be redirecting me every now and again. Anyway a quick manual check over with Hijackthis soon saw to that. But worryingly neither Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG or Malwarebytes managed to sort those bits out! clueless users would be left with an unusable IE and intrestingly Firefox too, although Chrome was unnaffected (woop for chrome)

Video of the day is a reference to the quake games of old mixed in with some modern humor. Involving the much loathed Justin "Joke" Beiber. And no I don't care if i spelt it right, i cannot be bothered to google him... too much effort. Anyway love the vid.

Hope everyone is having a nice summer anyway. This is me, saying it like it is in IT, And the weather is Rainy!

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